Research Projects

IOStack: Software Defined Storage for Big Data

Funded by the European Commission-H2020 Research and Innovation. Contract No. H2020-644182.

The main objective is to create IOStack: a Software-defined Storage toolkit for Big Data on top of the OpenStack platform. IOStack will enable efficient execution of virtualized analytics applications over virtualized storage resources thanks to flexible, automated, and low cost data management models based on software-defined storage (SDS).

Software-Defined Edge Clouds

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MEYC), Contract No. TIN2016-77836-C2-1-R.

Cloud4Comm: Servicios cloud y redes comunitarias

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MEYC), Contract No. TIN2013-47245-C2-2-R.

CloudSpaces: Open Service Platform for the Next Generation of Personal Clouds

Funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Program). Contract No. FP7-317555.

The CloudSpaces project advocates for a paradigm shift from application-centric to person-centric models where users can retake the control of their information. CloudSpaces aims to create the next generation of open Personal Clouds. ***

RealCloud: Real Data Center Cloud Services and Environment

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN), Contract No. IPT-2011-1232-430000.

DELFIN: Self-adapting Decentralized Systems for the Future Internet

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN), Contract No. TIN2010-20140-C03-03.

The DELFIN project is focused on the design of self-adapting decentralized systems for the Future Internet. The network of the future is facing serious challenges due to an enormous increase in traffic, computing power and a miriad of novel devices connected to the network. For this reason, a new generation of distributed systems must provide extreme scalability and adaptivity to variable node and network conditions. We aim to cover the whole feedback loop of adaptive systems including: sensing and analysis, control and self-regulation, and finally system adaptation and reaction.

NEUROLEARNING: Sistema telemedico de Intervencion Neuropsicologica Basado en Entornos Virtuales Interactivos

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (MITC), Contract No. TSI-020501-2008-154.

P2PGRID: Self-adjusting peer-to-peer and Grid Systems

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT), Contract No. TIN2007-68050-C03.

P2PGRID project is focused on the design of innovative large scale distributed systems, decentralized, able to adapt to complex environments in terms of infrastructure or use and heterogeneous in the access to communication and computation resources.

A key goal is the use of economic algorithms in order to create a Grid infrastructure with efficient resource allocation mechanisms. It is thus necessary the study, design, and evaluation of resource allocation algorithms in distributed computation systems. Such systems must take into account several variables like client demand, resource state and availability, and the competition among services to provide decentralized and autonomous system adaptivity.

POPEYE: Professional Peer Environment Beyond Edge Computing

Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) funded by the EU (6th Framework Program), IST priority. Contract No. IST-2006-034241.

Next generation collaborative systems will offer the mobile users seamless and natural collaboration amongst a diversity of agents within distributed, knowledge-rich and virtualised working environment. However this ambitious goal needs to face numerous challenges from the underlying communication infrastructure through to the high level application services which, depending on the operational need to address, can receive different answers both technological and scientific.

PLANET: Plataforma de colaboracion aumentada para el acceso y distribucion de contenidos educativos

Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT), Contract No. TIC2003-09288-C02-00.

The main goal of this project is to develop a low-cost multiuser collaborative platform for advanced training in settings like Architecture, Medicine or scientific simulation. The platform will extend an existing Collaborative Virtual Environment (MOVE) in order to provide advanced interaction and visualization with immersive virtual reality 3D devices like Head Mounted Displays, gloves and stereoscopic projection systems. We will also experiment with augmented reality systems in mobile scenarios in order to generate improved training contents for the selected disciplines.